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Representing Authenticity of Hakka Cuisine: Pang's Hakka Noodles - Food Stories


He saw the under-representation of Hakka cuisine and decided to serve authentic Hakka noodles to the public. Watch as Chef Pang tells us more about Hakka cuisine! Address: 102 Henderson Road SproutHub Singapore Singapore 159562 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Are you a small-business owner of F&B with a story to tell? Email us your story at info🤍sethlui.com for potential (free*) video coverage!

What being a 'hakka' family means in Chinese culture | Chopsticks or Fork? | ABC Australia


How and why being a 'haka' family means 'guest family' in Chinese culture. 👉 Stream now on ABC iView: 🤍 👉 Watching from outside Australia? Stream on ABC Australia iView: 🤍 #ChopsticksOrFork Subscribe ✅ and tap the notification bell 🔔 to be delivered Australian stories every day: 🤍 _ Web: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 _ This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel. Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC's Online Conditions of Use 🤍 (Section 3).



Shoutout to all the Hakka watching! What are some of your favorite Hakka dishes that we missed? WILL CHANG ▸ 🤍 Shot by: Jon Maxwell, Alex Siu Edited by: Michelle Hsieh, Chester Xie Subscribe Here! 🤍 Check out my top videos! 🤍 Join the Fung Bros community and get access to special discounts, livestreams, Q&As, and more! 🤍 - Do you want to work in media? Do you have film skills? We're looking for creatives in or around Los Angeles. If you're interested email us at FungBrosHR🤍gmail.com with your name, experience and location. Thank you! ▸ FUNG BROS SHIRTS & MERCH 🤍 FOLLOW THE FUNG BROS. ▸ FACEBOOK // 🤍 ▸ INSTAGRAM // 🤍 ▸ TWITTER // 🤍 DAVID ▸ INSTAGRAM // 🤍 ▸ TWITTER // 🤍 ANDREW ▸ INSTAGRAM // 🤍 ▸ TWITTER // 🤍 #AsianIdentity #FungBros About Fung Bros: David and Andrew Fung are fascinated by hip-hop, comedy, and food. They love making funny rap songs, trying new food, and making people laugh. Welcome to the official Fung Bros Channel! CHINESE FOOD YOU'VE NEVER HAD!? HAKKA STYLE - Fung Bros Food 🤍 Fung Bros 🤍

China Life: Taste Hakka Cuisine for Chinese New Year


For more: 🤍 In our special series "China Life", CGTN editors give you a glimpse into how they celebrate the Spring Festival. In this episode, Li Jingyi takes you to his hometown in southern Guangdong province Meizhou, the city with the highest concentration of the Hakka, a sub-group of the Han Chinese people. Hakka families gather for a meal of their traditional homemade cuisine and express their wishes for a healthy and successful new year. Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍 Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): 🤍 Download our APP on Google Play (Android): 🤍

How To Cook This Delicious Hakka Food That'll Make You RICH | Eat The World


"I'm going to eat a lot, I want to be rich." Sarah teaches her mum to make Hakka abacus seed, while in return, she learns the language and stories of her family that made her who she is today. Inspired to read more stories of family histories? Borrow Wild Swans and other great titles from 🤍 In collaboration with National Reading Movement. Featuring: Sarah Huang Benjamin Plum Village Restaurant (16 Jln Leban, Singapore 577554) [RECIPE HERE!] Credits: Sarah Huang Benjamin (🤍 For the Abacus Seeds: 500g peeled yam, cut into 1cm slices 150g tapioca starch 50g rice flour 3/4 teaspoon salt 3/4 teaspoon sugar 150-300ml hot water For frying: 1 dried squid, soaked in water until soft (at least 5 hours) 30g dried shrimp, soaked in water until soft (at least 5 hours) 120g minced pork 6 dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked in water until soft (at least 5 hours) 10g dried black fungus, soaked in water until soft (at least 5 hours) 4 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 bunch Chinese celery, washed and cut into 1cm lengths 3 tablespoons vegetable oil For the sauce: 2-3 tablespoons fish sauce 1 teaspoon dark soy sauce 1 teaspoon light soy sauce 2 tablespoons oyster sauce 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon sesame oil 1/2 teaspoon white pepper 350ml chicken stock or pork and anchovy stock Method Step1: - To make the abacus seeds, steam the yam slices for 15-20 minutes until they are very soft. - Transfer the hot yam to a large mixing bowl, and mash into a smooth paste. Add the tapioca starch, rice flour, salt and sugar and stir to combine roughly. - Drizzle a few tablespoons of hot water at a time, stirring to mix. When the dough starts to come together, add more water little by little. Once you have a cohesive dough, stop adding water. - When the dough is cool enough to handle, use your hands to knead it until smooth. - Pulling off small bits of dough, roll into a ball, then press between your thumb and index finger to create indentations on both sides. Set aside. - Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil, and cook the abacus seeds in batches until they float. Drain them and rinse with cold water. - Drizzle with some neutral-flavoured oil to stop them sticking. Set aside. Step2: - Stir all the sauce ingredients together, using only 2 tablespoons of fish sauce to start with. - Clean the dried squid, and cut into thin slices. Using a pestle and mortar or food processor, break the dried squid up into a fine consistency. - Remove the stems of the shiitake mushrooms and slice the caps. Slice the black fungus thinly. - In a wok over medium-high heat, add the oil. Sauté the minced pork until cooked through and separate. Add the garlic, then the dried squid strips and pounded dried shrimp. - Add the sliced shiitake mushrooms and black fungus, and fry everything until aromatic. - Pour the sauce in, and simmer everything for 5 minutes. Add the abacus seeds to the wok, stirring and cooking for another 5 minutes, to allow the abacus to absorb the flavours of the sauce. - Taste, and add the remaining tablespoon of fish sauce if needed. You can also season with salt and white pepper. - Stir in the chopped Chinese celery before serving. – Eat the World is a new series by OGS, where we bring the world to you through the sixth love language — food. In this hosted show, chefs meets different foreigners living in Singapore, and learn about their culture while recreating a special dish from their hometown. SUBSCRIBE TO US! Follow us on Tiktok: 🤍

HAKKA FOOD VLOG! Eating Loads of Chinese Food with my Hakka Family EP.2 | Kirsty Lo


HAKKA FOOD is so tasty!! In this video, I'll be eating loads of traditional Chinese food with my Hakka family! Nothing beats home-cooked food and my Dad's cooking is the best! Hope you enjoy this video! Xx W A T C H N E X T: ○ Chinese New Year With My Hakka Family - 🤍 ○ 25 Random Fun Facts About Me - 🤍 ○ My Birthday Vlog - 🤍 ○ Dubai Vlog - 🤍 ○ Come Shopping with me in Birmingham - 🤍 For Business/PR Enquiries: 📩 misskirstylo🤍hotmail.com ⋆ S A Y H O L A ⋆ INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and enable ALL notifications!💖 ⋆ F I L M I N G E Q U I P M E N T ⋆ VLOG Camera: 🤍 Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X DISCLOSURE: This video is NOT sponsored. Some links may be affiliate links, which basically means if you make a purchase through this link, I receive a small commission that helps support my channel so I can continue making videos. Thank you for all the love and support! Xx

回到梅州寻找客家美食 Meizhou Vlog: A Hakka Food Tour in Meizhou.


我又回来了,这次终于可以慢慢逛一下这些街区 感受一下这些生活气息 Back in MeiZhou again. Finally I got some free time to walk around in the downtown area. 梅州人的生活节奏还是如此的 令人羡慕 I am jealous of the pace of life here. Hangout with friends and enjoy the afternoon together. 在相机里找到很多美食的片段,那就单独成片 给大家看看这里有什么好吃的吧 I accidentally collected lots of food clips during this trip. So I made this food video and I want to show you all. 这会是一条寻找客家美食的片子 let's start our Hakka food tour video. And thank you for watching ~ #hakka #meizhou #客家 #food #China

广东梅州客家菜,梅菜扣肉,酿豆腐,娘酒鸡,阿星逛百年围龙屋Hakka dishes in Meizhou, Guangdong


广东梅州被称为世界客都,客家人经过世代迁徙从北部中原来到这里安家建设,又从这里走向全世界。客家人独特的文化形成了自己传统的建筑风格和饮食习惯,有兼具安全和美观的围龙屋民居,还有健康可心的地道客家菜。大名鼎鼎的梅菜扣肉,娘酒鸡,酿豆腐,开锅丸子,每一样都包含了客家人的故事。 Meizhou, Guangdong is known as the Hakka City of the World. After generations of Hakka people migrated from central plains in the north to settle down here, and from here to the world. The unique culture of the Hakka people has formed its own traditional architectural style and eating habits, including the safe and beautiful Weilong House, as well as healthy and hearty authentic Hakka dishes. The famous pork belly with vegetables, chicken with Niangjiu, stuffed tofu, and boiled meatballs, each of which contains the story of the Hakka people.



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Hakka Cuisine on ABC News


Restaurants in Chinatown gives taste of staple foods in celebrating Lunar New Year

HAKKA FOOD: chinese comfort food you probably haven’t tried


We decided to try some Hakka cuisine (thanks Chichiu Cheng!), here in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Any suggestions for more authentic Hakka places to try? #hakkafood #foodinchina #客家菜 #chinavlog please support and subscribe! 〉 ﹏ music: milky way by joakim karud

Have You Tried Chinese Hakka Food?


Hot Pot Boys Podcast Playlist: 🤍 Subscribe Here! 🤍 Check out my top videos! 🤍 - Follow us for more personal content! ▸ Joint 🤍 🤍 🤍 ▸ David 🤍 🤍 ▸ Andrew 🤍 🤍 - WANT TO JOIN THE TEAM? Do you want to create content with us? We're looking for creatives in or around New York. If you're interested email us at FungBrosHR🤍gmail.com with your name, experience and location. Thank you! CAMERA // EDITOR // MUSIC // Origami Beats (🤍 RickyFlarez (http://instagram/thebriando) Birocratic Beats, Erik Kingsley 🤍 #FungBros #hot Fung Bros 🤍

The Original Hakka Noodles (腌面)


Yanmian, Hakka Noodles! A classic from Meizhou, this dish spread throughout Asia to become a worldwide phenomenon. 0:00 - What are Hakka Noodles? 0:43 - Who are the Hakka? 1:34 - Where did Hakka Noodles come from? 2:55 - Making the Fundamental Components 5:51 - Making the Noodles 6:45 - Making the Soup 9:31 - How to Use that Garlic Oil? SEASONED FISH SAUCE FOR YANMIAN Makes enough for ~6 bowls. Scale up or down accordingly. * Lard, 2 tbsp * Fish sauce (鱼露), 3 tbsp * Water, 3 tbsp * Salt, 3/4 tsp * Sugar, 3/4 tsp * MSG (味精), 1/2 tsp Over a medium high flame, heat up the lard, then go in with the fish sauce and the water. Add the salt and sugar, allow to come up to a rapid boil. Boil for ~90 seconds. Finish with the MSG. YANMIAN * Dried alkaline noodles (碱水面), 60g * Lard, 1 tbsp * Seasoned fish sauce from above, 1 tbsp * Sliced scallions, to your liking (~1 scallion, ~1/2 tbsp) * Deep fried garlic, 1 tbsp Boil the noodles according to your package, move to a plate. Add the lard and the seasoned fish sauce and mix well. Top with the scallions and the deep fried garlic. PEPPERY PORK STOCK * Water, 2L * Pork bones, 500mL * Ginger, ~1 inch, smashed * White pepper (白胡椒), 1 tsp, cracked Add the pork bones to cool water, and bring it all up to a boil. As it begins to simmer/come up to a boil, this is a good time to skim. Once it's at a boil, add in the ginger and the cracked white pepper. Cover, and turn your flame down to the lowest heat your stove will go. Simmer for at least five hours, and up to ten. SIDE SOUP FOR YANMIAN * Peppery stock from above, 300mL * Pork loin (里脊肉/外脊肉), 50g, sliced into sheets * Marinade for the pork: Salt, 1/8 tsp Sugar, 1/8 tsp White pepper powder, 1/8 tsp Cornstarch, 1 tbsp Water, 3 tbsp Oil, 1 tsp * Pork liver (猪肝), 50g, sliced into sheets * Marinade for the pork liver: Salt, 1/8 tsp Sugar, 1/8 tsp White pepper powder, 1/8 tsp Cornstarch, 1/2 tsp Water, 1 tbsp Oil, 1 tsp * Pork meatballs, optional, 50g * Spinach -or- goji berry leaves -or- your tender vegetable of choice, 30g * Seasoning for the soup: Salt, 1/4 tsp MSG, 1/8 tsp Chicken bouillon powder (鸡粉), optional, 1/8 tsp White pepper powder, optional, 1/8 tsp Slice the pork and liver into sheets, and mix each with their respective marinades. If using spinach, slice the spinach into ~thirds. Bring the stock up to a boil, then add in the "seasoning for the soup". Add in the pork meatballs and the marinated pork. Once the pork has changed color, ~30-45 seconds, add in the marinated liver. Cook for ~20 seconds, then add in the spinach/vegetable of choice. Quick mix, heat off. And check out our Patreon if you'd like to support the project! 🤍 Outro Music: คิดถึงคุณจัง by ธานินทร์ อินทรเทพ Found via My Analog Journal (great channel): 🤍

"🥢 Innovative Hakka cuisine : Renewing the Tradition 🥢


"🥢 Innovative Hakka cuisine : Renewing the Tradition 🥢 When it comes to Hakka food, most people's first impression is nothing more than pickled vegetables, meat with rice, buns, and kueh. Food plays a big part in Hakka culture, and they believe that if you don’t eat, you'll be lack of strength to work. With limited access to certain ingredients within their living areas, Hakkas found out that, with fermentation, the ingredients can be preserved for longer period of time. In addition, as labor requires physical strength, the cuisines are mostly savory. In fact, Hakka cuisine is far more than that! Hakka people are resourceful and adaptable and have created many special dishes with unique flavors. No matter where they set their foot on, Hakkas can always blend in perfectly, mix and match their cuisines with local foods and come up with refreshing and unexpected tastes. Want to know more about delicious Hakka dishes? Stay tuned for GOODTiMES! 🌴 Catch 'Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail' premiering on September 30 at 8.30PM In collaboration with 🤍hakka_affairs_council Special thanks to 🤍tmitrail and 🤍hikingbiji #AXNRaknusSeluTrail #GOODTiMES #樟之細路 #RaknusSeluTrail" More about GOODTiMES: GOODTiMES #DesiAtHeart THE GOODTiMES BEGIN FROM HERE... GOODTiMES isn't just a word or a phrase, it's an emotion, a feeling. It’s something that can make us feel better in a fraction of a second. When life gets tough and you need to lighten the mood, tune in here and get your daily dose of GOOD TIMES! We are your one-stop shop & the only you guide you need, every time you’re looking for lifestyle content that’s #DesiAtHeart With a focus on Indian Weddings, we specialize in planning your biggest, most epic moments & create dream makeovers, a TV & Digital menu laden with bite-sized snippets & hattke recipes, we give you Good Food that will instantly put you in a good mood, step under our vanity hood and follow our Fashion forecasters & Style trendsetters to get the latest global tips, we love star-gazing & bring you the most masaledaar Bollywood news & quick-fix Relationship advice, for those who’ve been bitten by the Travel bug we throw in a wide variety of guides creating both national & international road maps! For those who consume content on the go, tune into our digital platforms for tips on Health, Fitness and Wellness, listen to only the Good News with us, get the latest updates from the Sporting World and know what everyone is talking about in the Gadget Universe! The best of all things lifestyle can be found on ONE single platform, only on GoodTimes. Our aim is to provide you with EVERY SINGLE THING you need to have a good time in life, all at the click of a button. If you aren’t here, you’re missing out on some serious good times! GOODTiMES delivers 100% original Indian lifestyle content that is #DesiAtHeart on TV & Digital. Follow GOODTiMES now for the best of Bollywood, lifestyle and entertainment. Connect with us on our other social platforms for more fun content: Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

The Best Chili Chicken in the city!


MJ EATS CHILI CHICKEN at YUEH TUNG RESTAURANT I just recently went to check out one of the best Hakka Chinese restaurants in Toronto!, YUEH TUNG Chinese Restaurant where I had the opportunity to learn about their history and their food. Sisters, Jeannette (Manager) & Joanna (Head Chef), whose family started the restaurant around 32 years ago, are taking their family business to new heights and are strongly reppin' a younger generation of chefs and restaurateurs in the Chinese food industry. I learned how important food and family is to them, especially representing their Hakka roots. It can clearly be seen in their popular dishes, chili chicken and manchurian chicken. Show them some love and check out their spot for some good Hakka comfort food, Hakka Indian and chinese dishes. YUEH TUNG RESTAURANT 126 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G 1P5



The most delicious HAKKA CHINESE FOOD cooked by my Dad! He's teaching us how to prep and cook lobster Chinese style, and how to cut a whole Chinese poached chicken! My Dad cooks the best Chinese food! Hope you enjoy this video xx W A T C H N E X T: ○ Hakka Food Vlog - 🤍 ○ Chinese New Year With My Hakka Family - 🤍 ○ 25 Random Fun Facts About Me - 🤍 ○ My Birthday Vlog - 🤍 ○ Come Shopping with me in Birmingham - 🤍 For Business/PR Enquiries: 📩 misskirstylo🤍hotmail.com ⋆ S A Y H O L A ⋆ INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and enable ALL notifications!💖 ⋆ F I L M I N G E Q U I P M E N T ⋆ VLOG Camera: 🤍 Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X DISCLOSURE: This video is NOT sponsored. Some links may be affiliate links, which basically means if you make a purchase through this link, I receive a small commission that helps support my channel so I can continue making videos. Thank you for all the love and support! Xx

Dishin’ with Senator Kevin Thomas - Teng’s Restaurant Hakka Cuisine in Levittown


On Long Island, you can find all kinds of delicious and diverse cuisine. In celebration of local businesses and Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I’m checking out some amazing AAPI-owned restaurants across District 6! The first episode of Dishin with Senator Thomas brings us to Tengs Restauruant Hakka Cuisine in Levittown, where we Executive Chef Mike tells us more about Hakka-style cooking and shows us how he makes his world famous Hakka Chili Chicken!

Golden Joy Hakka makes Indian-style Hakka food in Toronto


Golden Joy Hakka is a family-run restaurant with a menu full of Indian-style Hakka dishes. This place is completely halal, with the kitchen run by the family and the former head chef of Lotus Garden. While their Hakka noodles and chilli chicken are favourites, their Bombay chicken is a must-order here. Find it at 900 Albion Rd.

Hakka Cuisine


Hakka cuisine uses ingredients that reflect their status as “guest people” within provinces in China, often living away from the sea in uphill areas, and common culinary techniques include stewing, braising and roasting. In Singapore, Mr Lai Fak Nian from Plum Village Restaurant shares on the traditions of the cuisine and hopes on raising wider awareness of the culture of their dialect group.

Hakka Cuisine grand opening, 11 Division Street New York City


Hakka Cuisine grand opening, 11 Division Street New York City 212-941-6888 🤍hakkacuisine.nyc

Chat asks Hakka's Mom if she is Single and her answer scares Mane-chan


Source : 🎉🎂【HAKKA BIRBDAY 2023】HAKKAFE SPECIAL W/ HAKKA MOM!【HANDCAM】🎂🎉 Link : 🤍 Hakka's Channel : 🤍 Cute thumbnail fanart by vt_box17 : 🤍 I loved his mom's energy, it was an amazing stream and I also learnt more about cooking. Poor mane-chan though #holoen #hololive #hololiveenglish #holostars #holotempus #holostarsen #banzoinhakka

A Stir-Fry Lesson From the Champion of Hakka Cuisine: Part I|Secret Kitchen


#HakkaStirFry #HakkaCuisine #Hakka 👉 Part II: 🤍 Crunchy celery, salty pork, and savory smell with soybean sauce. Hsueh-ling’s Hakka Stir-fry is the perfect home cooking and cultural food in Taiwan. Grab a pair of chopsticks and enjoy the tender crisp. The layered texture and caramelized flavor can only serve you admirably. #SharonHuang #SecretKitchen #StreetFood #TaiwanCuisine #Foodie #Mochi ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ 🌏 TaiwanPlus | Bring Taiwan to the World Latest News, All Kinds of Programs...Everything about Taiwan is Within Your Grasp. Download the App» 🤍 📱Connect with TaiwanPlus » Like us on Facebook: 🤍 » Tweet us on Twitter: 🤍 » Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 🇹🇼About TaiwanPlus TaiwanPlus is an independent media organization funded by the people of Taiwan. It is the nation's first English-language video news and programming platform for international audiences.

Three Traditional Hakka Food Recipes (speaking HAKKA CHINESE dialect!!!!)


Hakka food is super rich and savory. We are an agricultural society fueled by hearty, dishes. Ive heard our food being dubbed the Soul Food of Chinese cuisine. Learn how to make stuffed tofu, Hakka Salt-Baked Chicken, and White flower gall herbal fish soup. For my Chinese-reading viewers, please read this video on why Black Lives Matter movement is important and how we can address anti-blackness: 🤍 您可能从未听说过我父亲从他母亲那里传给我的这些(三!!!)传统的客家菜谱!了解如何制作酿豆腐,客家盐焗鸡和白花gall草药鱼汤。 对于我的中文阅读者,请阅读以下视频,了解为何“黑死病”运动很重要以及我们如何解决反黑现象:🤍 Stove-top method for Hakka Salt-Baked Chicken: - Use as much total salt as the weight of chicken. So if chicken is 1 pound use 1 pound of salt. - Rub chicken (inside and outside) with about 1/4 cup salt. Allow chicken to sit overnight over a wire rack in the fridge. This alllows some extra liquid to train out. - Take chicken out for 1-2 hours before cooking. Tie up chicken with string if wanted, and wrap with parchment paper. - Stir fry salt for 15 minutes. - Fill a wok or Dutch oven with about 1/2 inch of hot salt. Position chicken with breast side up in the center of the pot. - add the rest of the salt to make sure it is completely covered. - Top with lid, and cook over medium heat for 35 minutes. Then turn off the heat, and let it sit on the stove, covered, for another 30 to 40 minutes until the salt is warm to the touch. - Enjoy! 客家盐焗鸡的炉顶法: -使用与鸡肉重量一样多的总盐。因此,如果鸡肉是1磅,则使用1磅盐。 -用大约1/4杯盐将鸡(内外)擦拭。让鸡肉在冰箱的电线架上过夜。这允许一些额外的液体来训练。 -在烹饪前将鸡肉取出1-2小时。如果需要,用绳子捆住鸡,然后用羊皮纸包起来。 -将盐翻炒15分钟。 -在炒锅或荷兰烤箱中加入约1/2英寸的热盐。将鸡的乳房正面朝上放在锅的中央。 -加入其余的盐,以确保将其完全覆盖。 -盖上盖子,用中火煮35分钟。然后关掉火,让它再盖上炉子再放30至40分钟,直到盐变热为止。 - 请享用! instagram: 🤍 #hakka #hakkachinese #hakkafood

Hakka Cuisine: A Unique Combo Of Chinese And Indian Dishes | Good Taste: South Asia


Hakka cuisine combines Chinese-style dishes with Indian spices. Watch All Good Taste: South Asia Episodes Here! 👉 🤍 Good Taste is a multicultural food show that celebrates traditional cuisine. The series splits between two versions. Good Taste: Chinese, hosted by Ching Li, and Good Taste: South Asian, hosted by Aman Adatia. Both hosts explore the cultural cuisines of their heritage while putting their own spin on fusion dishes and family favourites. A house, where you can get a rest after a tiresome day, where you feel safe and happy, will increase your quality of life. Building a nice home, to make it more peaceful depends on your taste as well as your spirituality. If you want to decorate your house and you’re looking for creative, innovative ideas, if you want to spend more quality time at your house with the changes you want, you need to take advantage of house documentaries. To change a house means to change yourself. What About House #WhatAboutHouse #Documentary #GoodTasteSouthAsia

Hakka Braised Pork Belly Recipe 客家木耳炸肉 | Huang Kitchen


Hakka Braised Pork Belly is a classic Hakka dish, commonly known as Hakka Zhar Yoke (炸肉 Hakka Fried Pork). Often served during Chinese New Year or festive occasions, this dish is juicy and bursting with flavour. This braised pork belly dish is characterized as salty, fragrant and umami. The key ingredient of this dish is Red Fermented Beancurd which brings out the signature flavour of the dish. Don't miss out and try making this at home, it's so easy! ▼ See FULL Hakka Braised Pork Belly RECIPE with INGREDIENT LIST in link below ▼ 🤍 ▼ SUBSCRIBE TO HUANG KITCHEN ▼ 🎞 Youtube Channel: 🤍 👍 Facebook Page: 🤍 📷 Instagram: 🤍 📌 Pinterest: 🤍 For more step-by-step recipes like this, visit Huang Kitchen on 🤍 ­- Hakka Braised Pork Belly is a traditional and classic Hakka dish. It is also a dish often served during Chinese New Year or any festive occasions. This braised pork belly dish is characterized as salty, fragrant and umami. The skill in this dish lies in the ability to cook the meat thoroughly without hardening it, and to naturally bring out the umami taste of the succulent pork belly. The braised sauce of this dish has a perfectly balanced sweet and savoury flavour. The end result is a very tender melt-in-the-mouth pork which is simply irresistible. This is an easy dish to prepare at home too. Other than the slightly long braising time to allow the pork belly to turn tender, this dish is quite straightforward and fuss-free. First marinade the pork to enhance the intense flavour, then deep fried till golden brown and lastly braised the pork belly to perfection. Furthermore, cooking with a claypot is so effortless. You just need to put everything in, do a few quick stirs, add some water, cover the lid and allow to simmer till done. The key ingredient to prepare Hakka Braised Pork Belly is the red fermented beancurd (南乳) , commonly known as Nam Yu. It is made with soybeans fermented in a mix of rice wine, salt, vinegar, red yeast rice and other seasonings. It has a vivid maroon colour thanks to the use of red yeast rice and has a distinctively thickened aroma, very much like a fermented cheese. It is this key ingredient that gives the marinated pork an attractively glossy reddish sheen and contributes to the intense flavor of this dish. The red fermented beancurd imparts a deep red hue and the distinct savory flavor to the tender soft pork belly. Red fermented beancurd is so so incredible in any stew especially with this pork belly dish. They are usually sold alongside other bottled soy bean products in any Asian grocery shops. This Hakka Braised Pork Belly is juicy and tender soft, almost melt in your mouth and full of flavour. They are steeped in an intensely flavourful sauce. The meat is particularly succulent when they are braised. This dish goes extremely well with steamed white rice or dry noodles. They are simply irresistible after the first mouthful and is highly addictive. Truly a dish perfect for meat lovers too. So Enjoy! ▼ See Full Step By Step Recipe with Ingredient List in link below ▼ 🤍 ­- #recipes #recipe #huangkitchen #food #cookathome #chineserecipes #chinesefood #hakkafriedpork #hakkabraisedpork #easyrecipes #easycooking #hakkafood #食谱 #asianrecipes #porkbelly

A Stir-Fry Lesson From the Champion of Hakka Cuisine: Part II|Secret Kitchen


#HakkaStirFry #HakkaSpirit #Hakka 👉 Part I: 🤍 Crunchy celery, salty pork, and savory smell with soybean sauce. Hsueh-ling’s Hakka Stir-fry is the perfect home cooking and cultural food in Taiwan. Grab a pair of chopsticks and enjoy the tender-crisp. The layered texture and caramelized flavor can only serve you admirably. #SharonHuang #StreetChef #SecretKitchen ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁ 🌏 TaiwanPlus | Bring Taiwan to the World Latest News, All Kinds of Programs...Everything about Taiwan is Within Your Grasp. Download the App» 🤍 📱Connect with TaiwanPlus » Like us on Facebook: 🤍 » Tweet us on Twitter: 🤍 » Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 🇹🇼About TaiwanPlus TaiwanPlus is an independent media organization funded by the people of Taiwan. It is the nation's first English-language video news and programming platform for international audiences.

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Hakka Noodles #foodshorts #recipeshorts #food #youtubeshorts #noodles #chowmein #hakkanoodles #food #noodles #vegchowmein For sponsorship, product reviews, and collaboration, you can email me here: clovagaming444🤍gmail.com Like this video if you enjoyed and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel wait!! don't forget to press the bell icon also :) Thanks For Watching. See You Guys In The Next Video !! 👋 love y'all ❤️ SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS : 👉Follow me here: 🤍 👉Instagram: More Videos: 👉veg chowmein,veg chowmein recipe in hindi,veg chowmein recipe,veg chow mein,veg chow mein noodles recipe,chowmein recipe,veg noodles,veg hakka noodles,chowmein,veg chowmin recipe,kolkata style chowmein,veg noodle recipe in hindi,how to make veg chowmein,veg chowmin,veg chomin,vegetable chowmein,desi veg chowmein,bengali style veg chowmin,veg chowmein noodles,veg chowmin recipe in bengali,schezwan veg chowmein,veg hakka chowmein,hakka noodles recipe,hakka noodles,veg hakka noodles,noodles recipe,veg hakka noodles recipe,how to make hakka noodles,noodles,veg noodles,vegetable noodles,chings hakka noodles,hakka noodles at home,veg noodles recipe,chowmein hakka noodles,vegetable hakka noodles,hakka noodles indian style,chinese noodles,restaurant style noodles recipe,chinese hakka noodles,chings veg hakka noodles,ching's veg hakka noodles,street style hakka noodles At Last I want to Say Only Three Words Love You All

HAKKA Food - Salt Baked Chicken 🐓🤯 (Auntie stops construction work to cook an entire chicken!)


Have you ever had Hakka Food like this?! Wow. Blown away by of course not only the dish, but also the huge-hearted welcome that Auntie here in Baan Rak Thai is giving us - and welcome to YOU today, thanks for coming back for part 2 of this video. Yahoo! (Here is the link to part 1 - 🤍 A dish that Li knew, but had never tried, and as you can see I am just happily along for the ride (they are speaking Chinese for most of this, so I was trusting Li (well, I do that in any language setting, so...) but anyways!) - it was a good situation. From which even more good things were born! Hakka Salt Baked chicken is a popular dish all over South East Asia, and really anywhere that Chinese have moved (so, if you're lucky, you could find this dish being made in Chinese kitchens all over the world!). This does not mean though, that its an easy dish to make! Auntie makes them in advance, and then only serves them to guests of the hotel (they take too long to prepare if a guest were to order on the spot, so she has to make them this way). They keep for a long time though, a really long time :), which is why this style of preserving chicken developed in China in the first place! What a gift of a Chicken, and even more what a treasured memory we now have after spending half of the day here with this wonderful woman at her hotel/restaurant/cafe. One of the most beautiful souls I think I've ever encountered, I cannot wait for a chance to visit this magical part of Thailand again. Thanks again for hanging out with us in Baan Rak Thai (Thai Friendship Village), in Mae Hong Son Province, just a few kilometers from a border with the country of Myanmar, and I hope you are enjoying the full series of videos from this Mae Hong Son trip. Have a beautiful day! See you again very soon. Li and Joel LOCATION: Valley House (Name of the Hotel) 🤍 COST OF THE FOOD: The entire chicken (Priceless), the fried rice (50B), the Kratom drink (80B), we a bottle of water (20B) - which makes 500 B total (about 16$), finally her homemade fruit wine and the chrysanthemum tea was "on the house." Ok fine, if you want to pay by the menu, this costs 350B, but the experience... oh wow. What a day!!! 🎸 Join this channel:🤍 ☕︎ Instagram:🤍 🧢 Joel's Tasty Ride Cap:🤍 🚴 Strava:🤍 🍜 Facebook:🤍

Hakka Cuisine | Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail | AXN ASIA


🥢 Traditional Hakka food & Innovative Hakka cuisine 🥢 For Hakkas, food plays an integral part in their culture. No matter the traditional Hakka food or the innovative Hakka cuisine, the Hakka culture is still keeping on with our times. Watch 'Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail' Full episode NOW on the AXN Asia YouTube channel. ➡️ 🤍 For more info, visit 🤍 🎧 An original AXN Asia podcast series 'Secrets of the Raknus Selu Trail' is NOW streaming on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, ICRT Radio FM100 Podcasts, Awedio app by SPH and SYOK app by Astro Radio. Don't miss all-new episodes, subscribe now: Spotify : 🤍 Apple Podcast : 🤍 Watch the full episodes here: Episode 1: 🤍 Episode 2: 🤍 Episode 3: Coming Soon Episode 4: Coming Soon - In collaboration with 🤍HakkaBroadcasting Special thanks to Taiwan Thousand Miles Trail Association and Hiking Biji. #AXNRaknusSeluTrail #AXNAsia #樟之細路 #RaknusSeluTrail - AXN ASIA ON SOCIAL Like AXN Asia: 🤍 Follow AXN Asia: 🤍 Follow AXN Asia: 🤍 Subscribe NOW for more exclusive clips: 🤍

Hakka nuddles recipe 😋🥰 Street food #short #youtubeshorts #viral @Radhasingh2023


Hakka nuddles recipe 😋🥰 Street food #short #youtubeshorts #viral 🤍Radhasingh2023 ​ Hii Friends, welcome to Radhasingh cooking channel where you can see the traditional healthy dishes cooking. Please subscribe our channel to get more videos & shere videos with your friends. hakka nuddles hakka noodles recipe veg hakka noodles hakka noodles masala hakka noodles recipe in hindi hakka noodles are made of hakka noodles at home hakka noodles about hakka noodles and schezwan noodles what is meant by hakka noodles hakka noodles banane ki recipe hakka noodles boiling time hakka noodles banane ka recipe hakka noodles chinese hakka noodles chings masala hakka noodles chings recipe hakka noodles content chinese hakka noodles recipe chinese hakka noodles chinese hakka noodles masala hakka noodles desi style hakka noodles dhaba style dry hakka noodles hakka noodles for weight loss hakka noodles fish sauce fried hakka noodles recipe garlic hakka noodles recipe garlic hakka noodles hakka noodles how to make hakka noodles hashtag hakka noodles hindi hakka noodles home cooking

茨菇燜豬肉 Hakka Food & Drinks: Stewed Pork with Arrowheads


#客家 #客家飲食 #客家習俗 #客家大學堂 #茨菇燜豬肉 #hakka #hakkafood #Hakkatraditions #hakkastudies 茨菇燜豬肉是客家人過年的傳統美食之一。但要燜得好吃並不容易。我們在這裏介紹一個傳統的芽菇燜豬肉做法,保證茨菇不會苦, 味道特別好,你們可以跟着做做看。 Stewed pork with arrowheads is a traditional Hakka cuisine during the Chinese New Year. However, it is not easy to make it really delicious. In this video, we are going to tell you a traditional way of stewing pork with arrowheads, which will not taste bitter. You can follow our recipe to make a yummy dish for yourself. 更多 see more #A 客家話基礎班 Hakka Beginners 🤍 #B 客家諺語 / 慣用語 /熟語 Hakka Proverbs / Idioms 🤍 #C 香港客家村 HK Hakka Villages 🤍 #D客家飲食 Hakka Food and Drinks 🤍 #E 客家研究 Hakka Studies 🤍 #F 香港遊縱 Hong Kong Trips 🤍 #G 簡易客家話 Easy Hakka 🤍 #H 客家故事 Hakka Stories 🤍 #P特寫Features 🤍 #Q 客家誦讀 Hakka Recitation 🤍 客家拼音 Hakka Pinyin/Phonetics 🤍 客家人 Hakka People 🤍 客家風俗習慣 Hakka Customs and Traditions 🤍

Mauritius Hakka Street Food | Chinatown | 毛里求斯 唐人街 | Chinese Food Vlog


Introducing a Street Stall selling Mauritian Hakka Snacks in one corner of the Chinatown. Madam Yong who owns the stall introduce some local favorite snacks that the locals like to buy! Hope you enjoy the video! English subtitles available for the parts in Creole and Hakka! - Follow me on Instagram : 🤍 My website : 🤍 My Facebook : 🤍

EP23【知知港美食】Traditional & Authentic Hakka Cuisine🍜知知港傳統客家料理盡在旺角餐館🥣招牌菜🦆狗仔鴨、算盤子、釀蠔豉、木耳炸肉、芋頭扣肉、客家釀豆腐等等


🔖Hakka cuisine is a traditional and authentic Chinese cuisine that has been inherited for decades in our country. It is believed to have been brought to Malaysia by Chinese Hakka immigrants in the late 19th century. 🥘There is a traditional and authentic Hakka restaurant named "Sin Wong Kok", which is located in Titi, Negeri Sembilan. The restaurant serves a variety of traditional Hakka delicacies, such as: ▪ Puppy Duck (Kow Chai Ngap) ▪ Yam Abacus ▪ Stuffed Oysters ▪ Braised Pork Belly With Black Fungus ▪ Steamed Pork belly With Yam ▪ Hakka Stuffed Tofu (Yong Tau Foo) ▪ Handmade Fish Ball Soup 🥰Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching. Welcome to subscribe, like and share!📺 🎞🤍 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 📍知知港,素来有萧家村之称,当地居民大部分都姓萧。其中一位开埠功臣就是来自中国惠州的萧官姐,开采锡矿起家。 🎖这一集采访的老板也是姓萧,名记和。他是《旺角餐馆》的第二代东主。初创时期,没有店铺,没有招牌,萧老板的父亲当年以精湛厨艺闯出了名堂。 🥘说到传统客家菜,一定少不了木耳炸肉、芋头扣肉,以及客家酿豆腐。然而, 《旺角餐馆》不仅如此,它还有自家特色的狗仔鸭、算盘子、酿蚝豉 、手工飞丸汤……等等。 💟知知港近十年来发展成为旅游打卡圣地,有好多壁画以及历史古迹等待您们来发掘,也别错过当地的客家美食喔! 📌我不是美食家,不去点评食物,而是站在另一个角度去欣赏美食,感恩厨师的付出和辛劳,也敬佩传统美食业者的坚持。 💕谢谢大家支持,欢迎订阅、按赞👍和分享喔! 🎞🤍 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (小科普) 州:森美兰 Negeri Sembilan 县:日叻务 Jelebu 镇:瓜拉格拉旺 Kuala Klawang 村:知知港 Titi 📭 Address: 【旺角餐馆】 Restoran Sin Wong Kok Jalan Hosapa, Taman Desa, 71650 Titi, Negeri Sembilan. #客家美食 #传统客家料理 #客家招牌菜

Street food वाले Hakka noodles😋| Veg hakka noodles | umam haroon #shorts


If you like the video please subscribe the channel and share the video 🔴instagram 👉 🤍 🔴playlist👉 🤍 भरवां मिर्च की सब्जी😋🔥| bharwa mirch ki recipe | how to make bharwa mirch | by umam haroon 🤍 Sheer khurma😋| लज़ीज़ शीर खुरमा | sheer khurma recipe | 2021 | simple | by umam haroon 🤍 मज़ेदार चिकन शावर्मा 😋🔥| chicken shawarma | chicken shawarma kaise bnaye | recipe by umam haroon 🤍 hakka noodles recipe street food how to make hakka noodles veg hakka noodles recipe hakka noodles indian style hakka noodles at home vegetable hakka noodles hakka noodles chinese style hakka noodles recipe in hindi chinese hakka noodles chowmein hakka noodles hakka noodles restaurant style vegetable hakka noodles recipe chinese noodles recipe veg noodles recipe #hakkanoodles #noodles #noodlesrecipe #hakka #recipe_videos #recipehacks #ytshortsindia #short_recipe #short_feed #short #kitchen #best #vegan #vegnoodles #vegnoodlesrecipe #easy #easy_recipe #easyrecipes #umam #umamharoon

Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables (Mustard) Hakka Cuisine Mei Cai Kou Rou Recipe 梅菜扣肉


Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables (Mei Cai) Hakka-stye fatty pork slices (typically pork belly) with (dried) mustard greens Ingredients Mei Cai 梅菜 Preserved Mustard (Vegetables) pork belly ginger white part of green onion cooking wine star anise cinnamon Szechuan pepper dried chili dark soy sauce three spoons of soy sauce dark soy sauce half a spoon of oyster sauce a small spoonful of pepper a spoonful of salt a spoonful of sugar

Hakka Cuisine


Years ago, Hakka people worked on farms, meaning that they needed to be physically very strong. Therefore, Hakka-style dishes are cooked with more salt, oil and fatty pork. As standards of living have improved and culinary techniques have been refined, Hakka cuisine has become the delight of gourmets island wide.

Top chef Jerry Chiu creates healthy Hakka cuisine with sous vide


Traditional Hakka cuisine is taking center stage at this year''s Fugang Railway Art Festival. The Taoyuan extravaganza is graced by top chef Jerry Chiu. He''s remaking classic Hakka fare with the sous vide slow cooking method, making it lighter and healthier for all the family. The festival will open in June and is perfect for foodies looking for a fresh take on Taiwan''s old-school recipes. Vegetables are chopped thinly and coated in dough before being deep-fried to become delicious golden snacks. The chef uses local grass jelly to marinate this premium Matsusaka pork. It’s then cooked slowly sous vide, until the pork is totally saturated with flavor. This combination of Eastern and Western styles and ingredients results in one very fashionable bento box. Jerry Chiu Chef We spent more than two months teaching local moms how to make lunchboxes. It’s a very sophisticated thing. We use grass jelly for the grass jelly pork. We want the design of this bento box to help Taiwanese people to eat more healthily. The 2022 Fugang Railway Art Festival kicks off in Taoyuan this June. Top chef Jerry Chiu, more frequently engaged for state banquets, has been drafted in by Taoyuan Cultural Affairs Department just for the festival. He’s supplied with the best local ingredients, such as rice, pickled veggies, grass jelly and pork, by Yangmei Farmers’ Association. Their goal is to help spread great cooking techniques and invent delicious new lunchbox recipes with a Hakka twist. Chuang Hsiu-mei Taoyuan Cultural Affairs Dept. head It’s healthy, and it’s not as heavy on the salt as your average, traditional Hakka fare. We’re going for this healthy, sous vide technique as an improvement in our cooking methods. Chen Fu-o Yangmei Farmers’ Association We’re making delicious bento boxes with local ingredients, to share with anyone who comes here, wherever they’re from. The Railway Art Festival kicks off with food because the railway lunchbox is such a classic image from the railways of yesteryear. With the innovations of this chef, Fugang’s local culture is infused with fresh ideas and the scent of something new.

Indo-Chinese Food in LOS ANGELES || HAKKA Food in California #telugu #teluguvlogs


Hakka Noodles in Los Angeles, CA #telugu #teluguvlogs naanveshana, ravitelugutraveler

🍴veg hakka noodles at home in easy steps 🍜🍽️🍽️ / हाका नूडल्स बनाए घर पर#noodles #viral #cooking


hakka noodles recipe | veg hakka noodles recipe | vegetable noodles with step by step photo and video recipe. primarily, hakka noodles are very similar to veg noodles recipe. however, in india, more popularly known as hakka veg noodles. hakka cuisine is actually an indian adaptation of original taiwanese hakka dishes. it has evolved to be one of the popular indian street foods. especially with indo chinese recipes thriving in india. hakka noodles and schezwan noodles have easily marked its presence.#learn#make#how#chef#cookingskill#trending#chicken#shorts#villfood#bongeats#kabita’sKitchen#grandpakitchen#youtubeshorts#viral#cooking#summer#howto#bongeats #kabita’sKitchen #vahChefVahRehVah #sanjeevkapoorkhazana #chefranveerbrar #villfood #hebbar’sKitchen #tarladalal #villagecookingchannel #snigdha’sbioscope #nishamadhulika #ajaychopra #manjula’skitchen #grandpakitchen #yourfoodlab#drink #drinks #food #cocktails #bar #cocktail #bartender #beer #love #instagood #wine #mixology #party #alcohol #drinkstagram #foodporn #gin #friends #coffee #summer #music #cheers #foodie #drinking #drinkup #yummy #happyhour #cocktailbar #aperitivo #photooftheday

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