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Is Zend Framework Dead?


In this short video, Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Zend Principal Engineer and PHP expert, discusses the relevancy of Zend Framework, including download statistics and the plan for keeping it relevant via the Laminas Project. First, he talks about the transition from Zend Framework to the Laminas Project. Next, he answers the question of whether or not Laminas is dead, and talks about download metrics for Zend Framework, and how they compare to other top PHP frameworks. Lastly, he talks about how Laminas will increase in relevance and popularity as a tool that solves many PHP problems. Thanks for watching this video! If you enjoyed the video, please be sure to, like, subscribe to our channel. Additional Resources Have more questions about Laminas? These resources give more information on the transition from Zend Framework to Laminas, support for enterprise applications using Laminas, and available services for migrating from Zend Framework to Laminas. - More on the transition from Zend Framework to Laminas » 🤍 - Information on Laminas Enterprise Support by Zend » 🤍 - Information on Laminas Migration Services by Zend » 🤍

The Most Popular PHP Frameworks to Use in 2023


Want to cut down on the amount of code you need to write? 💡 A PHP framework could be just what you need. Learn more about the best ones in this detailed explainer! 👉 Subscribe: 🤍 When you think of web development, aside from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the PHP language is one of the names that comes to mind. Contrary to popular belief, PHP is not dead. It’s still widely used by sites, including big names such as Facebook and Wikipedia. PHP programmers will often turn to a PHP framework to compose their code. Let’s examine some of the most popular ones in this video! ▶️ ℹ️ About Kinsta Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting company powered by Google Cloud Platform’s premium tier network and compute-optimized C2 virtual machines, enterprise-level security, a free CDN global edge network with 200+ PoPs, and 24/7/365 support. 👉Learn more about Kinsta’s hosting solutions: 🤍 ⚙️Dig deeper in Kinsta’s tech stack and features: 🤍 💪New to Managed hosting? See the benefits when compared to shared hosting or DIY VPS hosting solutions: 🤍 👤Follow us: ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍 🕘Timestamps 0:00 The Most Popular PHP Frameworks to Use in 2021 0:59 Laravel 3:11 Symfony 4:34 CodeIgniter 5:32 Zend Framework / Laminas Project 6:22 Yii (Framework) 7:19 CakePHP 8:19 Slim 9:05 Phalcon 10:18 FuelPHP 11:18 Fat-Free Framework 12:24 Which Is the Best PHP Framework for Beginners? 📚Resources 📙Full Guide on The Most Popular PHP Frameworks to Use in 2021 ► 🤍 💡27 Best Tutorials to Learn PHP in 2021 ► 🤍 🆕What’s New in PHP 7.4 (current version) ► 🤍 8️⃣What’s New in PHP 8 (upcoming version) ► 🤍 #WordPress #WebHosting #Kinsta #ManagedHosting #BestWebHosting #WordPressHosting

Tutoriel Zend Expressive : Zend Expressive


Article ► 🤍 Abonnez-vous ► 🤍 Dans une [précédente vidéo](🤍 nous avons vu comment créer et utiliser les middlewares en PHP. Aujourd'hui je vous propose de découvrir un framework intéressant qui se base sur ce système pour fonctionner : [Zend Expressive](🤍 Soutenez Grafikart: Devenez premium ► 🤍 Donnez via Utip ► 🤍 Retrouvez Grafikart sur: Le site ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Discord ► 🤍

Zend Framework 1.8 tutorial 1 MVC basics


Here I show differences between code in Model, Controller and View and where they are located in the MVC tree. Code you are looking at is borrowed from Rob Allen's Getting Started with Zend Framework 🤍

Zend Framework 2 - Installing in Windows


In this video I will show you how to get started with Zend framework 2. We will install it in Windows 8.1 using Composer, a PHP dependency manager Projects with Top 10 PHP Frameworks Course - 🤍

How to Make a CRUD Application using Zend Framework3


This video demonstrate how to make a CRUD application using Zend Framework3. In this video we will discuss on some of the basic and most important concepts of any database application. Support us on Patreon: 🤍 We will learn Zend Framework step by step by performing most commonly used operations on database like database configuration and connecting our application with MYSQL database, fetching all records from database and displaying them on home page, creating or inserting a record into database, viewing the details of some specific records, updating or editing the information of already existing records and deleting some specific record permanently from the database using Zend Framework3. This video tutorial is a complete lesson for beginners to learn Zend Framework3 step by step, we start our Zend Framework3 tutorial by - Downloading and installing zend framework3 in our local server xampp using command prompt. - How to create a new or custom module and setup the project. - How to remove public keyword from url in zend framework3. - How to connect to database using zend framework3. - How to Fetch all Records from Database and Display on Home Page using Zend Framework3. - How to Set Routes using Zend Framework3. - How to create a post using Zend Framework3. - How to View the Details of a Post using Zend Framework3. - How to update a records or post using Zend Framework3. - How to Delete a Post using Zend Framework3. 🤍 Related and useful Videos How to make a classified website using laravel 🤍 Filter records using PHP 🤍 How to create reports using php 🤍 How to make a college management system using codeigniter 🤍 How to make laravel 5.4 crud tutorial 🤍 Codeigniter crud application with bootstrap 🤍 Laravel registeration application 🤍 Laravel blog tutorial 🤍 Codeigniter registration application 🤍 filter records from database using dropdown 🤍 Send SMS using Laravel 🤍 Registration application using angularjs 🤍 Download and install angularjs 🤍 Download and install zend framework 🤍 Moving codeigniter project from local to live server 🤍 Upload image using codeigniter 🤍 Send SMS using codeigniter 🤍 How to make an ecommerce store using magento 🤍 How to run PHP in localhost 🤍 Send SMS using codeigniter to multiple recipients 🤍 Upload an image using core php 🤍 CRUD Tutorials on various PHP frameworks Laravel CRUD Tutorial 🤍 Codeigniter CRUD Tutorial 🤍 Cakephp CRUD Tutorial 🤍 Symfony CRUD Tutorial 🤍 Core PHP CRUD Tutorial 🤍 Magento ecommerce Tutorial 🤍 laravel blog 🤍 codeigniter blog 🤍 yii2 Framework 🤍 Zend Framework3 🤍 Follow us on Facebook & Twitter 🤍 🤍

Programando com Zend Framework 3 - Vídeo 1 - introdução


Este vídeo é o primeiro de uma série que irá mostrar como iniciar uma aplicação web com php utilizando o framework zend.

Easiest Way to Learn Zend Framework


What is the easiest way to learn Zend Framework? Try meditating or listening to elevator music to zone out - I meant the Zend programming framework. I know what Zend is, but it is so complicated that it is hard to learn. That’s why I asked for the easiest way to learn it, not an easy way. I would start with framework dot Zend dot com, which has the most resources for learning the Zend framework. That is the hub for the Zend Framework version 2 that is the basis for the PHP 5.3 and later versions. I know Zend Framework 1 had at least ten million users. It was actually adopted by more than fifteen million, but it is so complicated it even has an installation manual on how to install it. What makes it so complicated? In the case of Zend version 2, each component is separate and has few dependencies. You get a lot of flexibility, but also complexity. That’s complexity of design, not software and frameworks. Using Zend means you probably use Composer to track the dependencies between modules and Pyrus to manage the installation. That’s like the configuration management software they use to track all the piece parts in a jet but for a software program. It sounds way too complicated for what I need to use. You could use a different framework, which is why there are so many other PHP frameworks. But if you want to use the Zend framework, I’d suggest starting at framework dot Zend dot com. Version one or version 2? They actually have information on both. Its reference guide even has a thousand pages and hundreds of examples of code. As if I could keep track of which one to use. They do explain the API that is used with Zend Framework to create a self-documented code base. Only after a lot of human effort setting it up and managing it. So try the Zend framework guides on Akrabat dot com. Even if you do not use that site’s resources, it is still a good way to learn about the Framework. Given the popularity of PHP, I’d expect more resources for learning the framework than the creator group’s website. KillerPHP dot com has lessons on the Zend Framework in addition to MySQL and PHP. I’d expect a site called KillerPHP to have a lot of resources on PHP. And the user forum on that site is a lot more open to questions than ones populated by Zend experts. I do not know if that site is reputable or reliable. So go to PHPEveryDay dot com for their documentation on Zend. It tells you to get the framework from framework dot Zend dot com but has a lot of decent introductory material on Zend. How to use the framework might as well be learned from the framework’s home page. The PHPEveryDay dot com site has better information on creating dynamic content, linking to Apache and referencing MySQL. That’s more of an every day resource for me, then.

Zend Framework 3 Tutorial: 01 Introducción


Zend Framework (ZF) es un framework de código abierto para desarrollar aplicaciones web y servicios web PHP. ZF ofrece una implementación MVC, una abstracción de base de datos, y un componente de formularios usando de una manera sencilla la interfaz orientada a objetos. Temas vistos: - Introducción a Zend Framework 3.0 - Instalación de ZendSkeleton - Instalación de Composer - Configuración de desarrollo de ZF3 Enlaces a tener en cuenta: - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍

Zend Framework 2 - Models & Database


In this video we will create a new database via PHPMyAdmin and create the album model and the AlbumTable model Projects with Top 10 PHP Frameworks Course - 🤍

Zend Framework 2 - Config & Modules


In this video we will setup our configuration files in Zend and we will create our albums module. A module encapsulates the functionality of a specific resource or area of your application. Projects with Top 10 PHP Frameworks Course - 🤍

Zend Framework 1 - Why / Setup / Quick Tour [EP01][DARIJA]


Zend Framework 1 : - Why in 2017 ? - Setup - Quick Tour

Zend Framework 1.9 tutorial 10 modular application part 1


Full quality and source 🤍 When your site has multiple functionality, like user services and administration, you may want to break them into separate modules. This way you can have library/books/list and admin/book/edit or generally speaking module/controller/action. Addition of "module" to the URI can be a challenge as modules are outside of general MVC. Instead, each module has its own independent MVC. In this video I show how to set up such modular structure as well as applying familiar concepts, such as layout and ACL, to this new paradigm Part 2: 🤍

Zend Framework - Tutorial Instalasi Zend Framework


Video diatas merupakan tutorial install Zend Framework Website Zend Framework 🤍 Website Git (install git) 🤍 Website composer (download composer.exe & composer.phar) 🤍 music : Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden) - Kubbi (No Copyright Music) Terima kasih telah menonton :D

Zend Framework XSS Exploit


Source: 🤍 PentagonCrew.org Cyberz0ne.net

Zend Framework 3 tutorial 3.1: Service Manager with MVC Controller


Source code available at 🤍 If coming from ZF2 days, serviceLocator and ServiceAware is not available anymore - bad industry mistake. Define dependencies for controller to avoid coupling surprises and push them in through service manager factories at the router's definition.

Should I Learn Zend Framework?


Should I learn Zend Framework? I've heard you need to know Zen to use Zend Framework because it is so darn complicated. It's harder to learn that a lot of programming languages. I've heard it is hard to learn, too. It is comparable to CakePHP in difficulty. But the APIs in the source code are inconsistent, too, making it harder to figure out. Why then does anyone use it? Because it uses a standard design pattern, once you have read over the framework code, you understand what is going on. I meant, who uses it aside from code reviewers? There are Java Struts Spring programmers that use it to handle MVC applications. They like it because you don't have to write interface code to extend or customize an application. I heard that the routines make it hard to work with. I thought it was the nine lines of code it takes to route someone to a specific URL. Someone told me Zend was more secure than its rivals. It can be hacked if you don't set up protections against MySQL injection. At least if I learn Zend Framework, I can get a good paying job as a programmer. Zend is just a programming framework, not a programming language in and of itself. A lot of Zend Framework users are coding in PHP or Java. What possible advantage does Zend have then? It has a really good validation component. Then again, given its complexity, it has to have a good validation component or people would give up after trying to find their first bugs. That's not reason enough for me. Zend Framework does make object oriented code more re-usable. It's a pain to write the first time, but easier to reuse later. Agony once, but merely painful later. Funny I didn't hear that other MVC programming methodologies were that painful. Zend doesn't have a model implementation. So its MVC becomes just VC. No wonder it is not popular for those programming for the PC.

Tự học Zend Framework - Bài 01 Tổng quan Zend Framework


Loạt video "Tự học Zend Framework" thuộc các chương học đầu tiên trong khóa học lập trình Zend Framework 2x tại ZendVN. Sau khi hoàn tất khóa học này các bạn sẽ có một nền tảng vững chắc về lập trình hướng đối tượng PHP, hiểu được cấu trúc mô hình MVC trong các PHP framework hiện nay, hiểu rõ về các thư viện trong Zend Framework và có thể tự nghiên cứu các thư viện PHP framework bất kỳ dựa trên nền tảng của khóa học Zend Framework. Ngoài ra khóa học sẽ hướng dẫn bạn quy trình và các bước để xây dựng một trang web bán hàng hoàn chỉnh từ frontend đến backend sử dụng zend framework và các kỹ thuật xử lý chuyên sâu khác trong thực tế. Khóa học lập trình zend framework 2x 🤍 👉 Website: 🤍zend.vn 👉 Skype: zendvn.help 👉 Email: training🤍zend.vn 👉 Số điện thoại: +84 (08) 66.837626 👉 Facebook: 🤍 👉 Facebook trao đổi lập trình: 🤍

Getting Started with Zend Framework on Ubuntu Linux


How to get Zend Framework up and running on Ubuntu Linux

Sistemas web com PHP e Zend Framework - Aula 01


Nessa primeira aula, apresentamos o conteúdo programático de como será nosso curso, e apresentamos uma estrutura de trabalho, utilizado pelas empresas do momento, e que será o ambiente que utilizaremos no decorrer do curso. Maquina virtual: - 🤍 Slides da Aula - 🤍

Zend Framework STEP by STEP installation tutorial in Windows (XAMPP or WAMP)


Zend Framework STEP by STEP installation tutorial in Windows (XAMPP or WAMP)

Zend Framework 2 Overview


Zend Framework Training


Zend Framework Training - 🤍 Keywords: zend framework,zend studio,zend server,zend framework 2,zend optimizer,zend php,zend certification,zend server ce,zend tutorial,zend form,

Getting Started with Zend Framework


A brief tutorial about creating a Hello Zend application using Zend Framework 1.11.4

Zend Framework 2.1 tutorial 3: Routers


Create router definitions for the MVC to find the appropriate controller based on the requested URI.

Установка Zend Framework


✔ Подписка на канал: 🤍 ✔ Сайт автора: 🤍 Установка Zend Framework в NetBeans Источник: 🤍

🟢 ZEND FRAMEWORK: Definición, ventajas y desventajas 🌍


ZEND FRAMEWORK: Definición, ventajas y desventajas Zend es un framework de código abierto basado en PHP, y es una aplicación web orientada a objetos. Se compone de una colección de paquetes profesionales basados en PHP. El framework Zend se ha convertido en un metapaquete de Composer. Zend se instala a través del gestor de paquetes Composer. Dentro del framework Zend, vienen 61 componentes. Zend sigue la arquitectura MVC. Clases extendidas: Como un lenguaje de programación orientado a objetos, Zend utiliza conceptos como la herencia y las interfaces. La mayoría de los componentes son extensibles hasta cierto punto. Los desarrolladores web pueden construir sus variaciones sin obstaculizar el núcleo de la base de código Zend. En un proyecto, algunas personalizaciones en los elementos pueden ser únicas, pero esas serán utilizables en otro proyecto también. Enfoque orientado a objetos: En Zend, todos los componentes y entidades están representados como objetos, por lo que la escritura de código se vuelve crítica para los desarrolladores. Por otro lado, el código se vuelve reutilizable y estructurado. Uso de clases: Zend framework es simplemente una extensa colección de clases. Para crear una aplicación completamente funcional basada en Zend, necesitas componentes Zend MVC. Sin embargo, también puedes cargar sólo aquellos elementos necesarios en cualquier otro proyecto donde la funcionalidad completa no sea esencial. Zend Framework es un desacoplamiento, ya que puedes aprovechar los componentes como bibliotecas individuales. Versatilidad: Zend Framework tiene una gran cantidad de componentes. Todos estos componentes son exclusivos para diferentes propósitos. Por lo tanto, no encontrarás codificación personalizada en Zend. Además, al ser un framework de código abierto, tus desarrolladores pueden personalizar los componentes según sus necesidades. No sigue un modelo de implementación: Zend hace la implementación del modelo por sí mismo incluso después de seguir una arquitectura MVC. Libertad de integración: Puedes integrar Zend con muchas librerías externas. Si quieres integrar Smarty como tu sistema de plantillas, puedes hacerlo en Zend. También puedes incorporar clases de Zend en un framework de Synfony. Directrices y estándares: una guía de contribuyentes muy extensa ayuda a Zend. Esto significa que cada colaborador de la documentación tiene que someterse al Acuerdo de Licencia de Colaboración (el código tiene que ser probado y necesita adherirse a estrictos estándares de codificación). Comunidad y documentación: Zend tiene una curva de aprendizaje muy pronunciada. A pesar de esto, como Zend tiene una amplia comunidad y un vasto recurso de documentación, códigos de ejemplo y tutoriales, sus desarrolladores pueden... [...] Ve el contenido completo en el video #zend #framework #php #internet #web #programacion #programming ⚡ Para más contenido relacionado, síguenos en 🤍 🚀 📗 Consigue las últimas novedades en libros en formato EPUB / PDF en: 🤍 ✅ 🎥 Las mejores películas y series para disfrutar al máximo del séptimo arte las encontrarás en: 🤍 🍿

Простой блог на Zend Framework 1


✔ Подписка на канал: 🤍 ✔ Сайт автора: 🤍 В этом видеоуроке мы создадим простой блог с возможностью добавления комментариев на Zend Framework 1

How to install Zend Framework 3 on Windows


This tutorial will help you with installing Zend Framework 3 on your local Windows machine. Our current machine has already Composer installed on it with PHP 7.2.2. To help with Composer and XAMPP installation, please watch my other videos. Thanks

PHP UK Conference 2014 - Gary Hockin - Maximising Performance With Zend Framework


Zend Framework 2 is a complex beast, and has been wrongly criticised for it's performance in a number of places. There are plenty of ways to eek out extra cycles from Zend Framework 2, some of them are known, some, not so much. Fisrtly you'll be introduced to the ways to benchmark and profile your ZF2 app, then we'll discuss the out-of-the-box improvements such as config caching and compiling, but also cover some bespoke modules designed to help your performance. Finally, we'll cover some coding best practices that can really help to squeeze that little extra out of your entry level VM.

Building Layout in Zend Framework


In this video, I will demo how to build Layout in Zend Framework. To download all sources code for this demo please pay for me $5 at my PayPal Account: codeprogramminglanguages🤍gmail.com You can see more detail and download source code demo from my apps at 🤍 You can buy my apps at 🤍 You can read my blog at 🤍 You can view the source code of real projects with programming languages at 🤍 You can download free JQuery Plugins from 🤍 You can participate in discussions about programming languages at 🤍 You can use Free Online Tools For Developers at 🤍 You can Learn Programming with Real Apps at 🤍 You can learn Microsoft Office Programming at 🤍 Please visit my store at 🤍 Check out our new online store for some programming merchandise! 🤍 TODAY IS A GREAT DAY TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW! Finding Software videos help you watch reviews for Open Sources:Joomla, wordpress, drupal, magento, html template, free admin template, free bootstrap admin templates, SilverStripe, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter, Concrete5, Modx, ExpressionEngine, Alfresco,TYPOlight, laravel, magento, angularjs, node.js, html, css, javascript, jquery, java, .net, wamp server, xampp, php, mysql, sql server, oracle, open sources, android, hibernate, jpa, html5, jquery

PHP UK Conference 2016 - Rob Allen - Introducing Zend Framework 3


ZF3 is the framework that took the opportunity to learn from the previous 4 years of ZF2 and be even better than that! Today's PHP projects are built of components installed via Composer and ZF3's architecture reflects this approach; its core components have also been greatly improved in both usage and performance from older versions of the framework. If you're already running a ZF2 application, you'll be able to upgrade your existing application and there will be some excellent support for doing so - we love it when developers get to use new things. We'll also look at how PSR-7 and middleware has been embraced. If you want to learn what's new in the world of Zend Framework, then this session is for you.

Presentación Zend Framework 2


Presentación Zend Framework 2

Zend framework - Application + code source


Une application de gestion du stock, développee en se basant sur le framework Zend Framework.Les étapes de création des cette apllication vous les trouveriez la l'adresse suivant : 🤍 Télécharger le code source : 🤍

Zend Framework 2 Integration in Zend Studio


An explanation on working with ZF2 in Zend Studio: Creating new modules and view helpers, using content assist and the MVC Outline view.

Zend Framework 2 & Doctrine ORM Module From the start.


Audience: This is for PHP developers who are familiar with ZF2 and Doctrine and would like to get started with both in short order. Specifically, this Hangout is for two of my team members who are interested in learning how I frame up apps in ZF2+Doctrine. This will be a crash course on ZF2+Doctrine starting a ZF2 Project using the ZF2 Skeleton Application on a Vagrant box, implementing the Doctrine ORM Module, configuring Doctrine and then creating doctrine entities using Docblock annotation on PHP entity classes.  We will wrap the up by creating a simple REST Api using a ZF2 RestfulController. I haven't been able to run through this in under an hour so please expect this to run long.  I'm not an authority on the topics being covered but am happy to try and answer any questions I can. 🤍 🤍

Zend Framework 2 for Zend Framework 1 Developers


This is a talk given by me (Gary Hockin) for the Zend webinar scheme on February 26th 2013. Zend Framework 2 is here! But where do you start? Even the most seasoned of Zend Framework 1 veterans can struggle trying to comprehend the sweeping changes between Zend Framework 1 and Zend Framework 2. This session runs you through some of the core components of Zend Framework 2 by (very loosely) comparing them to their ZF1 equivalents. Firstly we cover some core concepts, like bootstrapping, routing and namespacing. Then we discover the "Holy Trinity" of ZF2's core; namely the Module Manager, Event Manager and Service Manager. Finally, we take a look at some individual and widely used components, like ZendDb, ZendForm and ZendTranslate.

How you can install Zend Framework 2 in xampp server


Hi guys. This is my new tutorial where you can see how to install Zend Framework 2 in just 5 minutes. 🤍

Zend Framework 1.9 tutorial 19: ACL dynamic assertions part 5


Use dynamic assertions in zend_acl to control per-user permissions, such as blog comment or forum thread author. For full quality and source visit: 🤍

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