M2 Mac Mini - An overture in SMART overspending

Tech Guy Beau

Tech Guy Beau

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M2 Mac Mini, which upgrades should you purchase? Is the base model enough or should you add RAM/Storage? It can be a mess trying to figure out which upgrades are worth it. Here i break down what's worth buying, and how to save money. Dock shown: 🤍tinyurl.com/ywbjwn7s STOREFRONT LINKS: I added some items to my amazon storefront, in case you want to buy. If you shop through my link, even for products not there you can support me with a little commission from amazon at no cost to you :) My Storefront: 🤍🤍amazon.com/shop/techguybeau (USA) 🤍🤍amazon.ca/shop/techguybeau (Canada) Timeline: 0:00 quick opening 0:25 Base model specs and opinion 1:17 RAM upgrade 2:25 Should you Upgrade STORAGE?! 3:16 BETTER Storage Upgrades (don't get RIPPED OFF) 6:13 dock options 6:38 SATA options 7:08 Conclusions on what smart spending #macmini #m2 #apple Credit to Rain from BAPC for feedback

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M2 Mac Mini - An overture in SMART overspending
M2 Mac Mini - An overture in SMART overspending
M2 Mac Mini - An overture in SMART overspending
M2 Mac Mini - An overture in SMART overspending
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2023-09-09 06:52:19

A bit forced to buy the 521 GB storage though. You want the OS to work faster on that model. That model is way faster than the base model. For extra storage, an external SSD is prefectly fine.

Abam Aji
2023-08-28 11:23:28

How about upgrade to 16GB RAM & use the 2TB iCloud?

2023-08-24 19:43:03

Mine is the 8GB/512GB option and RAM is not really an issue for home use at least. With 12 Chrome tabs open,and Spotify running in the background it consumes 6.35GB of RAM and no slowdown is noticeable. 512GB is kind of necessary since the 256GB base model is actually slower than the base M1 model.

Radek Pogoda
2023-07-25 15:42:03

I worked a full year on a base M1 Mini and loved it. The small SSD was never a limiting factor as it was very fast and I had all my video source files on external SSDs. The new M2 however must be upgraded to 512 SSD for the speed and to fully future-proof it I would add the 16 RAM upgrade.

Ghost Raider
2023-07-04 20:09:27

For long term use, yeah this is the recommended path 16GB 256GB storage with external nvme memory/sata. For basic use, sure the base model works. It really depends on your workflow.

2023-07-02 13:34:51

While 256 is awful, who is editing off their main drive? That's a huge no no and has been for decades

2023-06-25 13:08:29

They were selling systems with 8GB/256GB base storage in 2018 and it was barely minimum specs then. Nothing should have less than 16GB/512GB in 2023. That costs £400 more on the low end. Putting you about £240 less than the discounted cost of the M2 Pro Mac Mini with 16GB/512GB and that gives you 2 additional P cores, 5 additional GPU cores, 4 instead of 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, HDMI 2.1 and support for higher refresh rates and multicore performance on a level with the previous M1 Max Studio.

Bill Gillespie
2023-06-16 19:23:53

Many thanks for your video. I had already decided on 16BG of RAM, and am still researching whether to go with 256GB or 512GB of storage. I have seen many videos that recommend 512GB only because it consists of 2 chips vs just one. External Storage is definitely the way to go, much better value and options.

2023-05-16 07:51:10

the Mac Mini Pro is the jewel in the Apple lineup. the best value for money and the Mac that's going to last you 5-10 years. audio, video, multiple monitors, HDMI 2.1 for the high refresh rate... extra ports..... it covers all bases.

2023-05-14 19:13:43

It should've been 16GB/512GB as base. Just Apple being greedy as usual.

Ded Ede
2023-05-05 23:42:29

I have a Mac mini 16gb RAM with 256 storage so now I’m running out of storage. I read I can using disk utility software to MERGE my internal HD with and external HD to act as one super large boot drive to hold email and photos libraries and software. Have anyone heard about this or even tried it? What are the potential downsides?

2023-04-24 11:58:47

But you have no solution on how to save on that 8gb-$200 memory upgrade, and that memory is shared memory with graphic!

2023-04-24 11:49:11

Is not a brand new flag ship product. It is bottom of the line junk

2023-04-21 15:41:16

Excellent analysis and useful recommendations. Just subscribed, thanks.

Vlad Ghelu
2023-04-02 19:53:19

Really smart!

Carl Toti
2023-04-01 05:23:31

Im new to the Mac mini. Great video, but I was wondering, can I swap the 8GB memory on the entry or mid level Ms mini with a 16GB chip? Is merry on these upgradable? I'm not worried about storage, I can get externals like the one you show in the video. Which brings me to this important question: am I correct in assuming that despite having external SSDs for storage, apps MUST be installed on the internal SSD of the iMac itself? If that is true, an entry or mid level with 256 GB of storage severely limits how many apps I can have plus empty disc space for cache for said apps. I know I can allocate additional cache on other drives in Adobe apps, but what if other apps don't give you the ability?

Beng OEY
2023-03-31 07:36:18

In the UK you cannot upgrade the memory without updating the Memory and that will cost you £1399 including tax ( 16Gb Memory and 512 Gb Storage).
Daylight robbery!

O’Shack Hennessy
2023-03-26 21:20:52

I agree with this advice, go 16GB ram and use a thunderbolt nvme dock. I keep my OS on the main drive and data on a secondary drive anyway. That’s why I like PC’s because I have so much modularity but Macs are still awesome.

O’Shack Hennessy
2023-03-26 21:12:15

Shame on Apple for producing such a turd base model. In 2023 8/256 is disgraceful.

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